Verizon announces data sharing plans

Verzion announced today, available this summer, they will being offer family shared data plans.

During their earnings call, Verizon announced that they activated 3.2 million iPhones for the quarter, which is 1.1 million units fewer (or 24%) than the previous quarter when the carrier activated 4.3 million iPhones.

Verizon activated 6.3 million smartphones overall, and 9.1% of those were on LTE. Data revenues were $6.6 billion, which is up $1.1 billion (or 21.1%) year-over-year and makes up 42.9% of all service revenues. Total revenues were $18.3 billion, up 8.2% year-over-year. Verizon now as 47% smartphones overall. It is near the pivot point of where smartphone customers outnumber stupidphone customers.


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