Monthly Archives: June 2012

Apple Store app updated

Today, Apple updated their store app for iOS with a new express checkout which is supposed to make online purchasing faster.

Additionally, there is a feature whereby you can inform the Apple Store specialists know when you are approaching the store and your product will be ready for you when you arrive (requires iPhone 4S).


Here’s What The Redesigned Stores For iOS 6 Look Like [Gallery] | Cult of Mac

Here’s What The Redesigned Stores For iOS 6 Look Like [Gallery] | Cult of Mac.

No longer enter passwords in the app store

A new feature in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion is that you no longer need to enter your password when downloading updates or previously purchased applications. The only time you need to enter your password is when purchasing a new app.

This is a welcome feature and shows that Apple have been paying attention to customer feedback.

Bluetooth setting change

Who else noticed that the Bluetooth setting has been moved to the main setting screen under Wifi??  Nice!


iOS 6 looks awesome! What do you all think?

Do Not Disturb feature

Like this, messages and notifications still come in, but don’t disturb you! NICE!


Over cellular!!!