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Next iPhone to be at least 4-inches

WSJ reports that the next iPhone will be at least 4-inches diagonally and have a significant increase in resolution. The device is apparently going into production next month.

No-one really knows how that next device will play out. Steve always liked the iPhone the way it is so that it can be used in one hand. If you make the screen much bigger (Android I’m talking to you) the device cannot be used single┬áhanded.


Apple may ‘think different’ on iCloud’s video sync feature | Apple – CNET News

Apple may ‘think different’ on iCloud’s video sync feature | Apple – CNET News.

Very interesting


The constant rumor that Apple will be releasing an HD “smart” TV called iTV is always going around the internet. The problem is that the ITV (UK TV Channel) and one other company that uses the name, are threatening to sue if Apple uses the name.

Apparently, analyst Peter Misek thinks that the device will be called the iPanel, the release is imminent and that Apple is starting to build them in May at a quantity of about 5,000,000! Misek also states that the TV will retail for $1,250 and achieve 30% gross margin, as well as the fact that Sharp is shipping their IGZO panels to Apple for use in the supposed iPanel.

Now, I think that they are going to release an Apple TV. When? I don’t know. What it’s going to look like or what functionality? I could speculate. We’ll have to wait and see.